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entrance test
final examination
achievement test
replacement test
leaving examination
graduation examination

written test
oral test


  • good marks motivate you
  • knowledge is more important than good marks
  • marking is sometimes subjective – mainly in oral tests
  • students can´t devote time to the subject they like = worse marks in this subject
  • students have very bad timetable – we go to school at dark and go from school at dark too
  • students can´t prepare = it´s impossible when you come home from school at 4 pm to study

crib = opisovať, ťahák
lockers = zamykacie skrinky
porter´s room/gate keeper´s room = vrátnica
headmaster´s office = riaditeľňa
cram = bifľovať sa
answer back = odvrávať


-shouldn´t study the night before the test and in the morning of the test
-breakfast can stimulate our brain

-portraits of scientists
-flowers, plants
-small bookcase
-teacher´s desk and chair
-TV, video recorder
-students aren´t well motivated
-they are lazy, don´t try to do their best
-in the past the opportunity to study was the privilege
-problems among students = dividing into social classes, girls´ class – boys´ class, different chart of values
-generation gap among teachers and students
-subjective marking
-children are more cheekier than in the past and they are used to make more fun than is required in school, they usually misbehave and talk aback( odvrávať )
-they are inattentative, some of them skip classes and don´t keep up with others
-they are undisciplined, don´t follow the rules = changing shoes, be on time for lessons, behave impolite, smoke in a school building, greating
-they play truant, cut classes, skip school, shirk = bad marks, punishment, can be excluded/expelled from school, threatened with exclusion
-bulling outsiders, for snack, for girls, for money
-fighting between school gangs or classmates

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