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School system
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  1. Cooperative method of teaching (past and present)
  2. Schools / boarding schools (pros and cons, different lessons)
  3. For / Against exams
  4. Describe school building, classroom
  5. Problems at school, punishment
  6. Ideal teacher, pupil
  7. How do students study?
    What is mature of studying? (light,weather,smell,anvironment,...)
  8. Why do students cram?
  9. Slovak / British system of education


  1. Past: The idea remains that students are empty containers which the teacher fills with knowledge, and that all students have to do is listen and write.
  2. Present: The teacher´s role is not to feed students with informations. The facts are available in libraries, on the Internet,...What students need are the skills to find this information, to use it and to think creatively in order to solve the problems of our world.
  3. For: exams encourage students to try harder, to learn, you find out if you really know it, exams are quick,...
    Against: exam results may depend on how you feel on a particular day, exams makes students very nervous,...
  4. School- large building with a few floors, often with a sportsground attached; cloakrooms with student´s lockers, a boiler room, a school canteen, a snackbar, a gymnasium; long hallways, teacher´s offices, laboratories, head´s office, a school library, toilets,...
    Classroom- rows of schooldesks and chairs with two aisles in between, a blackboard, chalks, a sponge, wash-basin, a mirror, a waste-paper basket, overhead projector, maps, notice-boards,...
  5. Problems: bullying, bed marks, bed behaviour,...
  6. Ideal teacher: enthusiastic, demanding, patient, conscientious, with a sense of humour, ...
    Ideal pupil: hardworking, gifted, talented, ambitious, well-behaved, disciplined,...
  7. Slovak: school attandance is compalsory from the age of six to sixteen. Beside state school, there are also church schools and private schools. There are several stages of education: pre-school education, primary education, secondary education, post-secondary education and higher education.
    British: compulsory education begins at age of 5 and ends of 16.
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