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Examples and Ideals
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  1. Who influences peoples manners behaviour?
  2. Which quallities do you admire at people?
    Which can´t you tolerate?
  3. Why do you admire your parents?
  4. Which of your vices would you like to get rid of?
  5. Who is a real hero, why do you admire them?
  6. Do you admire some celebrity?
  7. Do you want to be famous? (pros and cons)


  1. ur parents were our first role models. They brought us up and taught us to be polite and friendly. We were taught to greet and respect people, and help those who may need our help.
    Later, when we started going to school, we got to know more people and had to learn how to get on with them. At school, we learned how to compromise and cooperate with others. We also learned to share our ideas with others. For some of us, our teachers became our role models and helped us to cope with problems and overcome difficulties.
    The teenage years are perhaps the most important period in the development of our personalities. But teenagers tend to look for role models outside their family or school. Because teenagers love music, movies and sport, they might choose people they read about, like pop singers, movie stars and famous sportsmen. They often idolize celebities and try to imitate them in clothing, hairstyles and lifestyles. The influence celebrities have on the younger generation is really important, yet, it seems that not all pop stars understand or are even aware of this fact. Some celebrities live lives that few parents would aprove of. It seems these rich and famous performers ignore the fact that what they do can influence their fans negatively. They are drug or alcohol addicted, their behaviour is eccentric and often wild, they do not respect people around them and they think, they´e better than others. Some young people follow in their footsteps, falling into addiction, alcoholism and partying. On the other hand, there are some famous people who are positive role models. These are the ones who have worked really hard to achieve success.
    Good role models can be found in literary works, too- in stories and novels. Most literary heroes are people with high moral standards with whom readers can identify and whose example they may follow.
    Last but not least, there are everyday heroes (i.e. lifeguards, firefighters, soldiers, etc.).
  2. Admire: frank, generous, reliable, independant, friendly, talkative, hard-working,...
    Can´t tolerate: mean, dishonest, rude, jealous, selfish, aggressive,...
  3. Parents: kind, generous, hard-working, reliable, considerate, caring, honest,...
  4. My vices: forgetfull, touchy, lazy, impatient, stubborn,...
  5. Real heroes- people who are brave and do not hesitate to risk their lives and help the victims of natural and man-made disasters. Their courage and high moral standards make them excellent role models which no one should be afraid to follow.
  6. Angelina Jolie- work for charity, successful, hard-working, she adopted two children,....
  7. Pros: popular, rich, famous, successful,...
    Cons: no privacy, gossips,...
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