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Health Care
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medical care-everybody has the right to be given medical care and the right to chose a doctor

  • is provided from birth to death
    pre-natal care- the child is looked after before birth, mother undergoes regular medical check-ups
  • maternity ward services-after child is born
  • medical supervision-paediatrist – for school children
  • general practitioner – adults
    medical check-up-
  • it is good to make an appointment with the doctor during his surgery time so that we don´t have to wait so long in the waiting room
  • the nurse says ´Next please´and invites you into consulting room
  • you show the nurse your insurance card and she looks for your medical record
  • you enter the surgery
  • the doctor asks about the troubles we have, if we have temperature, headache, if we feel pain , if we cough etc.
  • the doctor asks us to strip to the waist to examine our heart and chest, then we open our mouth say ´Ah´ to examine our throat and tonsils
  • the doctor may check our blood pressure, feel the pulse, take the blood count, pass urine through lab test or send us for X-rays
  • the doctor diagnosis the case and therapy and prescribes a medicine

After the check up we go to the pharmacy to get the medicine.we know several types of medicine-antibiotics, vitamins, pain relievers, gargle, pills, ointment

types of doctors-
general practitioner, works doctor, family doctor, peadiatrist, surgeon, dentist, oculist, dermatologist, gynaecologist, psychiatrist,

types of hospitals-
health centre, policlinic, hospital (outpatiens, inpatient department – nemocničná a lôžková časť), emergency, children´s hospital, teaching hospital (fakultná), sanatorium, spa,

first aid-
-basic medical treatment given as soon as someone is injured or becomes ill
-mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
-stop bleeding
-fix fractures
-keep the injured person calm

what to do when we are ill-
-stay in bed for a few days and sweat
-drink herbal tea with lemon and honey
-aeat a lot of vitamines, fruit and vegetables
-don´t drink cold drinks
-take medicine regularly

what to do to stay healthy-
-eat healthy food, eat a lot of vitamines and fresh fruit and vegetables,excercise regularly, keep fit, avoid stressful situations,

keep the balance in our organism
-have a regular daily routine, sufficient sleep
-no smoking, drinkink alcohol, drugs
-harden the body(otužovať)

common children diseases-
-mumps, measles(osýpky), rubeola, smallpox (kiahne), chicken pox (ovčie kuahne), scarlet fewer (šarlach), polio (obrna), diphteria (záškrt), rabies( besnota)

common diseases-
-have a cold, flu, cough, a sore throat, bronchitis (zápal priedušiek), tonsilitis (angína), pneumonia (zápal pľúc), be hoarse, lack of apetite, vomit, have stomachache, heartburn (búšenie srdca), nausea, indigestion (porucha trávenia), constipation (zápcha), diarrhoea ( hnačka), ulcer (vred), appendicitis (zápal slepého čreva), jaundice(žltačka), backache, slipped disc (vyskočená platnička), be dizzy (mať závrat)

civilizational diseases-
-nervous breakdown, stress, depression, a headache, insomnia (nespavosť), high blood pressure, a heart attack (infarkt), leukaemia, varicose veins (kŕčové žily), acne, eczema, allergy, overweight, asthma,
serious diseases and incurable diseases-AIDS, cancer, tumours

-bruise(modrina),splitter in a finger(trieska), cut, burn, be scalded(obariť sa), swallen(opuchnutý), sprain an ankle (vyvrtnúť), dislocate(vykĺbiť), stretch a ligament (natiahnuť šľachu), cramps(kŕče), concussion(otras mozgu), blood poisoning, faint (dpadnúť), sunstroke(úpal), frostbite(omrzlina), fracture,

Human body

face, hair, eyes-eyelid, eye brows, eye lashes, ears, cheeks, chin, mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, neck, forehead, temples(spánky)

back, bottom, waist, hips, belly, navel(pupok), chest, breast,
leg-thigh(stehno),knee, calf(lýtko),ankle, foot, heel,sole, toes,
arm-shoulders,armpit, elbow, forearm,wrist,hand, palm, fingers (thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger)
backbone, bone, joint(kĺb), rib(rebro), scull(lebka), jaw(čeľusť)
internal organs
nervous system- nerve, brain, spinal chord(predĺžená miecha)
blood circulation-blood vessels(cievy),arteries(tepny),veins(žily), blood cells (krvinky)
muscles,tendon(šľacha), ligament,glands(uzliny),thyrid gland(štítna žľaza)
heart, lungs, bronchi (priedušky), stomach, intestines (large and short - črevo tenké, hrubé), appendix, liver, gall bladder (žlčník), kidneys, bladder (močový mechúr), spleen (slezina)
blood, urine, stool (stolica), saliva (sliny), bile (žlč)

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