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Leisure time
Leisure time can be defined as the time in which people do not have to work, time when they can do whatever they like, it is the time of entertainment and fun.

Can a job be a hobby?
Some people cannot draw a line between their job and free time, for them their profession is their hobby and they are ready to spend nearly all their free time at work. Psychologists claim that it is not good if you do not get enough relaxation and to a new activity in their leisure time which is beneficial for them. They are more efficient when they start working again.

Forms of leisure time activities
There is a wide range of leisure time activities one may choose from. If you work indoor and spend most of your time sitting and doing paper work, you would probably need some physical activity – playing a ball game like football or volleyball, going camping, hiking or fishing. If your job involves a lot of physical activity, you would probably want to spend your free time at home reading books or magazines, watching TV or video or playing board games such as chess or scrabbles.

For some people hobby means collecting objects and interests – stamps, postcards, badges, model cars or ships, coins, beatles, bottles, antiques. Collecting has been popular, and there are a lot of collectors who attend special shows and take chance to swap and exchange their treasures, but it is becoming less popular at present, especially with young generation who is taking up computer games instead.

Different age groups
Older people who are married and have families, may choose useful leisure activities like gardening, doing repairs, decorating the house, car maintenance or plumbing. Manual work brings them relaxation. When they manage to make something, paint the window frames or repair the roof they have a sence of achievement.( grandmum – tiding house )
Young people are keen on sport activities, especially for boys they are number one. Boys spend a lot of time playing football, basketball, tennis or table tennis. In winter ice hockey is very popular. Girls choose gymnastics, athletics or swimming. At present many young people go to fitness centres to be slim and to keep fit. On the other hand young generation is becoming lazier than their parents used to be. They spend their free time watching TV and videos, playing computer games, playing organized sports, reading, playing instruments, doing youth club activities and lastly drawing. Young people switch to comfortable ways of spending their free time.

A lot of people enjoy arts, in their free time go in for amateur painting, drawing, singing and dramatics. For many people the most popular art form is music, they listen to it at work, at home, and even when driving. It is quite common to see young people walking down the street with headsets on. Many teenagers take music lessons as they want to learn to play a musical instrument. Those who love pop music often start to play the guitar or the drums and several times a week on practising to be able to give concerts to large audiences.

Types of hobbies
There are many types of hobbies one can choose from. Some hobbies are expensive, some are dangerous and romantic and some are time-consuming.
The most common hobby of adult people is gardening. Many families have cottages in the countryside where people grow fresh fruits and vegetables.
Another popular hobby is watching TV or video.
People like to spend leisure time reading books, magazines and newspapers.
Some people prefer music to reading. They either play a musical instrument or listen to their favourite music.
Lots of people like travelling but it is too expensive.
Lots of students go to a sports club or a hobby group. Nowadays many students go to fitness clubs to keep fit.
Hobbies are important for everybody. They are like a medicine if you are tired, sad, feeling small or in low spirits.

Telly addicts
TV is our most common leisure activity. Half all children have a set in their bedrooms and are becoming addicted to it. Many people walk in the door and the first thing they do is turn on the television. TV stops our communication with other people. Others say telly addiction is usually good for us. Viewing prevents family rows and reduces stress.
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