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New York
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New York is the largest city in the USA and one of the largest and most fascinating cities in the world.
population-in aglomeration around 17mil

  • central area around 7mil
    Sometimes New York is called The Big Apple because of apple orchards which used to be there
  • important seaport,with a good connection inland,
  • the largest bussiness, industrial and cultural centre of the USA as well as of the world
  • world centre of art, media, theatre and fashion

New York covers area of 780sq/km and is divided into 5 major parts-Manhattan

  • Queens
  • the Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • Brooklyn

History of Manhattan

-original inhabitants were Indians.They sold the island of Manhattan to the Dutch for 24 dollars in goods.That´s why NY was originally called New Amsterdam.The Dutch built a wooden wall to protect the town against Indians.Now in the place of wall there is Wall Street-the world´s important financial centre

New Amsterdam was renamed New York when British captured the city.


  • is typical for its skyline with skyscrapers seen from the Liberty Island
  • streets (run east-west) and avenues (nort-south) follow a geometry shape and are numbered, only a few of them have their names,esp the oldest ( Wall Street, Broadway )
  • island is washed by the east River and the Hudson River

The Empire State Building- it used to be the highest skyscraper in the world

  • 102 storeys, TV tower on the top
  • called the eighth wonder of the world,wonderful view

Rockefeller Centre-business and entertainment complex of 21 buildings
5th Avenue-luxurious shops, office buildings

  • 6 miles long
  • St.Patrick´s Cathedral-the largest Roman Catholic Church

Broadway-an old Indian road

  • many theatres,including Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall, cinemas and bars.It is a cultural centre
    The Brooklyn Bridge-the longest bridge in the world
  • connects Brooklyn to Manhattan
  • First bridge to use steel for cable wire

Another interesting places
Statue of Liberty-NY city harbour on the Liberty Island

  • 92 metres high with a pedestal
  • was donated to to the American people by France in 1886 to commemorate the alliance between the USA and France
  • symbolizes freedom and democracy
  • it was the first thing to be seen by the immigrants who were coming to the USA in 19th-20th centuries
    Chinatown-typical for chinese restaurants
    Greenwich village-the home of artists, writers, actors and musicians

Parks and Islands
Central Park-situated on Manhattan between Broadway and 5th Avenue

  • the largest and the most important park in NY City
  • offers both summer snd winter attractions, such as a ZOO,an ice skating rink, an open-air theatre, tennis courts, biking paths, playgrounds,concerts and dances
  • there is also the Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISLANDS-Coney Island, Roosevelt Island,Liberty Island

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