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Newspapers In Britain and USA
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Newspapers according to their content quality papers (broadsheets)-they are larger in size

  • contain serious content, a great variety of national and international news, reports,reviews of the arts, features about fashion and sport and business news.
  • present different political views and orientations, some of them are indepentend, some are right wing and some are left-wing papers
  • they don´t have such as big circulation as tabloids popular papers (tabloids) -they are smaller in size
  • they don´t publish very serious material, mostly they deal with gossips, sex scandals of celebrities, money, they are full of advertisements, competitions about popstars and some home and sensational news. they are often full of pictures, cartoons and humorous drawings

Newspapers according to frequency of issues daily papers- they are issued every workday sunday papers- have a very big circulation

  • many of them are connected with dailies weekly journals- they are issued every week, usually have more pages
  • many of them have supplements

Newspapers according to area where they are issued
national papers- can be bought in the whole country
local papers-they deal with the news from a particular region or a town, can be bought only in a local area
Evening papers-they bring more recent news, results of games, races, competitions or tips

British newspapers

national and local

There are 10 daily national newspapers and most people read one of them every day right wing-the Daily Telegraph (serious),

  • The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star, the Sun (popular) left wing-the Guardian (serious)
  • The Daily Mirror (popular) independent-The Times,The Financial Times, The Independent sunday papers
  • The Observer, the Sunday Times, the Independent on Sunday, the Sunday Mirror, the Sunday Express, the News of the World, the Sunday Sport

the Economist, the New Statesman, Spectators
Punch, Private Eye-satirical
American Newspapers

national and local papers
There are more than 1500 daily newspapers in the US.Each one is usually sold only in one part of the country or in a city, but they cover national and international news.But there are some newspapers which are sold almost in the whole country.They are-USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times (national edition)
the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post-are known and respected all over the US but can´t be bought everywhere
the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune,the Christian Science Monitor

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