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System of education in Slovakia, Great Britain and USA
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compulsory school attendance-10 years
schools-state-free of charge
private- charge fees
church-supported by the state and church
school year-from 1st September to 30th June, July-August-summer holiday
-2 terms
evaluation-marks from 1 to 5, 1 is the best, 5 is the worst
school report- at the of the term students get the report with the marks from all the subjects they had

Stages of education

  1. Pre-school- créche(up to3), nursery school (up to 6)
  2. Primary- schools from 6 to 15 -9 years
    After primary school children have to pass entrance examinaton to get to the secondary school. Some students can be transfered to 8 year grammar schools at the age of 11
  3. Secondary-usually 4 years
    types of secondary schools: grammar schools-general education, prepares for university study
    special schools- professional education ( technical s.,building, chemistry, engineering), business academy, agricultural school, nursing school, music and art schools, hotel academy, vocational schools- trains students for practical jobs
    School leaving examination( MATURITA)

    -is required when you apply for the university study
    -is taken from 5 subjects-compulsory-Slovak, foreign language, natural science
    -2 optional (maths, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, computer science, civics, aesthetics)
    -2 parts-external- is taken in April
    - is written, all the tasks are same in the whole country
    -internal- is taken in May
    -a student draws one of 3O topics and after 15-20 min preparation he/she solves the given tasks
    -tasks differ from school to school

    When the students have passed this exam they get school-leaving certificate
  4. Tertiary-universities
    -from 3 to 6 years
    -requirements-Maturita, pass entrance examination
    To finish university undergraduates have to write a thesis, support it succesfully and then pass state examination.When they are succesful they receive a diploma which is handed over at a graduation ceremony
    Degrees-Bachelor´s Degree Bc,Master´s Degree (science-Ing., art-Mgr.), Doctoral Degree-Dr.


compulsory education-from 5 to 16

All schools, except Ssottish, follow National Curriculum which states what subjects children should study and what levels of achievements they should reach by the ages of 7,11,14,16. These are the ages when they are tested

Primary School (5-11)-infant school (5-6) -junior school (7-11)

At the age of 11, students pass their Eleven Plus exams and decide at which secondary school they will follow their study.
Secondary School (12-16)

Most schools are comprehensive-they take all children and do not select the best ones.They offer general education which ends at the age of 16

At the age of 16 all students take GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) usually in 6 subjects which students may choose.More ambitious students continue their education after 16 for another 2 years in the sixth form
Sixth Form (16-18)

The study lasts 2 years and prepares students for A-levels.A-levels-examinations taken from three or more subjects.It is necesarry to have A-levels in order to go to a university or polytechnics

Polytechnic (19-21)
A college for people who want to study scientific or technical subjects, especially in order to train for a practical job.It lasts three years

An educational institution where students study for degrees and where academic research is done

Scotland has its own system of education


USA does not have a national system of education.Each state is responsible for its own educational system
Nursery School(3-4)
Elementary School (6-11)- from 1st to 6th grade
Junior High School (12-13)- from 7th to 8th grade
High chool(14-17)-from 9th grade to 12th grade
College(18-21)-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior
Graduate School(22-23)
Most merican students attend state schools.
Compulsory subjects include-English, Modern Language, Maths, Chemistry and Biology
Optional subjects include-Music, Arts, Physical Education.
Every school has a band or a choir and also school teams that play, football against other schools
Students at high school have exams at the end each term.American high school students who wish to go to college also take SATs (Stanford Achievement Test) in all subjects. A student´s SAT result are presented to colleges when students apply for entry, along with a record of their achievements at high schol


School cloakroom-šatňa, lockers-skrinky, workshop-dielňa, school canteen-jedáleň, gymnasium, caretaker´s flat (školníkov byt),sportsground-športovisko, teacher´s office-kabinet, classroom, teacher´s office, laboratory, the head´s and head´s deputy office-riaditeľňa a zástupcovňa, administrative office-kancelária školy,library, computer room, toilet,straircase-schodište, notice-board, cabinet-skrinka,glasscase-vitrína,

rows of desks, aisle-ulička, blackboard, shelf with chalk, sponge, cloth, teacher´s desk, bookcase, notice board, portrait of the president, was-basin, wastepaper bin

bell, teacher makes an entry in the class register-zápis do triednej knihy,marks absent students-zapíše chýbajúcich,examine-skúšať, explain new subject matter-vysvetliť novú látku,

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Computer Science, Civics, Psychology, Foreign Language, Music, Arts, Physical Education, Religious Education, Aesthetics, Ethics, Sex Education, Seminar in...., Conversation in....

Describe your school and your clasoom
-schoolbuilding (floors, size, old/new)
-environs(school-yard, sportsground)
-classrooms, offices (head´s and deputy head´s office, teacher´s office)
-other rooms ( cloakroom, gym,labs(
-your classroom (location, size, light/dark,view of)
-furniture, equipment

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