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The Countries Whose Language I Am Learning
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  1. The System of Government:
    -UK= Constitutional Monarchy
    -head: Queen Elizabeth II. – no real political power
    -Monarchy = governed by Cabinet –headed by the Prime Minister
    Parliament- the House of Lords
    - the House of Commons (posl. snemovňa)
    - the Houses of Parliament are in Weastminister
    -Constitution (ústava) is not written .
    -Political parties: - Conservative Party
    -Liberal Party
    -Labour Party
  2. Geography:
    a)location + states (England, Wales, Scotland, Nothern Ireland)
    b)climate + landscape
    c)population + language
  3. Economy:
    a) industry + resources
  4. Places to visit
  5. Ways of life
  6. Festivals : New Year`s Eve, St. Valentine`s Day, St. Patrick´s day, Easter, Halloween, Guy Fawke`s Day, Christmas
  7. The flag


  • the official title is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland
  • it is situated on the British Isles lying off the north-west coast of Europe
  • it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and it is separated from the European continent by the North Sea and the English Channel.
  • there is mild and rainy climate
  • the population is more than 57 million people


  • it is an industrial country
  • major industries include iron and steel engineering, textiles, plastics, cotton, chemicals, wool and shipbuilding
  • the chief griculture products are wheat, barley, oat, potatoes, sugar beet, milk and meet


- England:

  • the patron is St. George
  • it is divided to 39 countries (Essex, Kent, Durham, Yorkshire,...)
  • the most important industrial cities are Manchester, Birmingham
  • the capital city is London
  • the most beautiful natural scenery is Lake District
  • the longest rivers are the Severn and the Thames
  • there are several place to visit:

Stratford upon Avon – Shakespeare´s birthplace
Oxford – it is a university town, where the oldest university in England is
Cambridge – a university town
Greenwich – the prime meridian of 0 degrees passes trough the old observatory
Canterbury – it is the seat of the archbishop with a magnificent cathedral
Stonehenge – it is a meghalitic monument, there is a huge circle of ruins

  • is famous for its long rivers, big lakes and high hills
  • the capital is Cardiff
  • the highest mountain is Snowdon in Snowdonia
  • there are 3 national parks : Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire Coast and the Breacon Beacon National Park
  • there are two languages spoken in Wales: English and Welsh
  • Scotland:
    -is famous for its mountains, lochs, dramatic coastline and unspoiled countryside
    -we usually imagine a bagpiper in a kilt and the traditional Scotch whiskey
    -the Patron Saint of Scotland is St. Andrew
    -the highest peak is Ben Navis
    -the chief river is the Clyde
    -the most famous lakes are Loch Ness and Loch Lomond
    -the capital is Edinburgh
    -they eat special meal called haggies
    - Northern Ireland:
    - the capital is Belfast
    -the life of people is dominated by religious and economics problems
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