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United States of America
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  • situated in northern part of the North America between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean
  • area-about 9,3 million square kilometers
  • borders -with Canada on the north, the border is formed by the line of 49th parallel and the Great Lakes Region
  • Mexico on the south
  • Russia in Alaska
  • the Pacific Ocean on the west
  • the Atlantic Ocean on the east
  • highest mountain-Mount McKinley in Alaska (6 194m)
  • mountains-the Rocky Mountains and the Coastal Mountains on the west
  • the Appalachian Mountains on the east
  • plains- Central Plains
  • water-rivers- Mississippi and Missouri (6212km) 3rd longest river system in the world
  • lakes- the Great Lakes Region- Lake Superior,Huron,Erie and Ontario. they are shared with Canada
  • Lake Superior-2nd largest in the world (after the Caspian Sea)
  • national parks- Yellowstone NP, Yosemite NP, Rocky Mountains NP, Grand Canyon NP, Glacier NP, Mount McKinley NP
  • climate-from arctic in Alaska to subtropical in Hawaii


  • population- about 260 million inhabitants
  • nationalities- the majority of inhabitants is of European origin, but there are also large groups of Afro-American, Indian,American indian,Chinese, Japanese and other origin
  • today there are more than hundread major ethnic groups.That´s why America is  called ´MELTING POT´-people who live in USA are of different origins and races. They mix together in ´a pot´ and altogether they form American nation.
  • official language-American English.It differs from British English in vocabulary,spelling and pronunciation
  • also minority languages are spoken

Division of the country:

USA is a federation of 50 states including Alaska and the island of Hawaii.

NORTH-EASTERN REGION- New York, Pensylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan- these states are most densely populated.

  • this region includes some of the largest cities e.g. New York, washington D.C., Philadelphia and industrial centers like Chicago and Detroit.
  • is rich in raw materials and is the centre of industry

NORTHERN REGION (NEW ENGLAND)- Connecticut, Maine, Massachusssets, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

  • first collonists settled there
  • old traditions are preserved there in architecture and culture
  • Harward and Yale Universities-private, the most famous

MIDWEST it is central part of USA with many plains

  • developed agriculture

SOUTHERN REGION Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tenesse, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Arcansas, Florida

  • these states are mainly agricultural growing cotton and tobacco
  • formerly slavery was developed there Florida-is a tourist center with many beaches

SOUTH-WEST Texas, New Mexico, Arizona

Texas-the largest state of the federation-rich in oil, cattle ranches, prairies
New Mexico, Arizona- indians in their reservations
Grand Canyon-the Colorado river

  • many deserts, lack of rain, extreme temperatures in summer

WESTERN REGION (ROCKY MOUNTAINS STATES) Washington, Oregon,Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California

  • In general it is very thinly populated (except cities)
  • famous for the Rocky Mountains and California beaches
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