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Interest and leisure
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Interests and Leisure  Free time is time that belongs only us. Some people use their free time to relax either actively or passively, but more and more people are doing volunteer work, especialy for charities. A lot of free time is spent sitting passively at home where th emost populer leisure activities are watching TV, reading the newspaper, playing computer games, surfing the net.

Man y families now havwe two or threee Tv. Dad is sitting in the living room watching Champions League Football, Mum is in the bedroom watching her daily Argentine soap opera, and children are in their room watching a video. This can have a negative effect on family relationships. Some free-time activities involve animals. The most popular must be having a dog or a cat. Some people enjoy taking even their pet rabbits and guinea pigs for walks.

Free-time activities in summer is gardening. Some people grow fruit and vegetables. In winter many young men and boys enjoy going to the local ring play hockey. Many people also use both spring and autumn to repair, paint, redecorate and remodel their houses or flats. Many use their free weekends to go their cabins, cottages or country-houses no matter what season it is.
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