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Description of a person
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A Person who I admire


My peers might admire a lot of people who they know. But in my case, there is only one person who I idolize. It´s my father who is irreplaceable for me. I have known my dad all my life. Our family lives in Hradište in a family house.

Dad is in his forties, although he doesn´t look like it. For example, his students don´t believe him his age. He is taller than me. One of the first thing you notice about him is his handsomeness. My dad has the same nose as I have but it´s a bit unidentifiable. He has sensuous mouth, which makes his face very photogenic. His most striking feature , which you can see at the first glance is his thick hair, which is as dark as coal. He is used to wearing a sports outfit, which is a bit youthful, but he might not wear it because he is a teacher . He is keen on wearing striped clothes.

My dad is as stubborn as a mule. He isn´t big- headed because he grew up in modest conditions, that´s why he is enough generous. The most characteristic thing about dad is his unprecedented sense of humour. It is rare to cheer everybody up in different situations. He is very hard- working.He is always getting down to work. My dad is a bit moody, for example, one day he wants to hug all the world, but on the next day he is getting at everybody. That´s why it gets on my nerves.
He has his heart in the right place and furthermore, he incredibly loves us.
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