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15.Masmédiá (Mass media)
-talk about magazines and newspapers
-talk about the people from TV screen you like/dislike
-pros and cons of watching TV
-TV programs
-pros and cons og advertisements
-explain: disadvantages of soap operas

16.Mládež a jej svet (Young People and their World)
-discuss the main values and attitudes of young people
-spending of a free time of young people
-using drugs, smoking, alcohol
-generation gap
-your family atmosphere and solving problems
-qualities of a good parent
-explain why should be good a year off (traveling ...)

17.Stravovanie (Food)
-what food do you prefer and why (soup. Pasta, meat, vegetables)
-healthy food
-fast food
-Slovakia – main meals, typical meals, drinks, dishes, eating habits
-dialogue in a restaurant

18.Záľuby, voľný čas a životný štýl (Hobbies, Free Time and Life style)
-ways of spending free time (amusement park, beach volleyball, paragliding, sightseeing, zoo, surfing . . .)
-your free time spending and organisation
-hobbies / school / future career
-prsuade: falconry/discos, pubs

19.Multikultúrna spoločnosť (Multicultural Society)
-Christmas celebration in Sk and in your family
-Typical Slovak customs
-your favourite festivals
-multicultural society /define
-Are the Slovaks tolerant?
-persuade: marriage with a negro student

20.Mestá a miesta (Towns and Places)
-Bansá Štiavnica – places
-hometown – places, special events, activities, famous people
-compare B. Štiavnica – hometown
-your future life
-help, inform: B. Štiavnica – American tourists

21. Obliekanie a Móda (Clothes and Fashion)
-typical man/woman clothes
-your preferable clothes
-what is uitable for: wedding, job interview, maturita exam, birthday party ...
-school uniform (adv./disadv.)
-advise your foreign friend what to bring for a holiday in Slovakia

22.Kniha – priateľ človeka (Your favourite Writer, Book, Literature)
-favourite kinds of literature (comics...)
-popularity of reading...(adv./disadv.)
-your favourite book, film
-heroes ... what do you admire about them
-book contra film
-persuade: watching video at lessons

23. Vzory a ideály (Models and Ideals)
-pros and cons of being popular, super stars
-idols and heroes (real, literary) of young people
-who do you admire the most
-favourite schoolmate, teacher and why(hoe did they influence you)
-important human qualities
-persuade: R. Muller

24.Krajina ktorej jazyk sa učím (The Country whose Language I Learn)
-characterise the modern American city
-Would you like to visit/live in the GB, USA?
-Interesting facts, general geographical data, weather, special customs, traditions etc. of the English speaking countres
-lifestyle of British and American people
-job interview for voluntary work in GB

25.Slovensko moja vlasť (Slovakia my Homeland)
-characterize Slovak people(hospitable, hard working ...)
-Do you like living in Slovakia?
-special facts about Slovakia
-typical holidays and traditions
-life in Slovakia in the past and today
-travel agency dialogue about Slovakia

26.Bývanie (Housing and home 2)
-do you prefer classical or modern style of furnishing
-talk about the house of your dream (design, furnishing, surrounding)
-persuade: moving to the country (adv./disadv. Country and town)

27. Rodina 2 (Family 2)
-talk about different types of famylies
-talk about spending the free time together
-talk about habits and daily routines(compare yourself to one member of your family)
-persuade: houseparty

28.Voľný čas 2 (Leisure Time and Hobbies 2)
-talk about free time activyties
-compare your weekdays and weekends
-talk about your typical schoolday
-talk about the school subjects
-talk about school breaks
-talk about your afternoons at the dormitory
-persuade: party at the cottage

29.Človek a príroda 2(Man and Nature 2)
-talk about seasons of the year
-characterise the climate in Slovakia
-speak about Slovak animals and plants (common, protected)
-persuade: pet animal for your brother

30.Šport 2 (Sport 2)
-talk about different sports (chess, rollerblading, dancing, gymnastic, tennis, swimming ...)
-talk about a chosen sport (place, equipment, clothes, possible injuries, qualities ...)
-persuade: profi hockey training
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