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Tézy na maturitnú skúšku z ANJ
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1.Rodina (Family)
-describe your family(family members and your relationship with them) and compare it to the different types of famylies
-persuade: disco

2.Kultúra a umenie (Culture and Arts)
-which cultural events are popular among the young people
-watching TV and reading books – pros and cons
-describe living in the country and city
-persuade: theatre tickets

3.Šport (Sport)
-Talk about different kinds of sport (car racing, athletics, para gliding, climbing, skiing, water sports)
-what are the most popular sports in Slovakia
-why is sport good for health,pros and cons of the profi sport
-discuss: PE lessons

4.Bývanie (Housing)
-types of housing
-flat and house - pros and cons
-describe where you live and where you would like to live
-persuade: moving to the village

5.Obchod a služby (Shopping and Services)
-department stores and small shops – pros and cons
-shopping and services in Slovakia contra the western EU countries

6.Starostlivosť o zdravie (Healthcare)
-describe human body and face
-speak about human health, health protection, fas food

7.Cestovanie (Travelling)
-means of transport
-traveling abroad

8.Vzdelanie (School and Study)
-speak about studying at the Secondary Forestry School
-relationship with your schoolmates and teachers
-what would you like to change
-foreign languages studying
-further studies
-maturita exam

9.Zamestnanie (Jobs and Employment)
-speak about jobs, which you like to have (conductor, soldier, teacher, policeman...)
-speak about well paid jobs, about typical man/woman jobs
-what a CV should include
-prepare for a job interview

10.Ľudské vzťahy (Human Relations)
-describe human relations between people (frienship, love, partnership, anger...)
-speak about the qualities of a good friend (describe your best friend)
-speak about relations in your classroom
-speak about neighbours (ideal neighbour)
-speak about cheating in exams

11.Človek a príroda (Man and Nature)
-how hunters and foresters can influence the life of animals and plants
-speak about polution, ozone layer, greenhouse effect, rain forest cutting...
-how can common people protect the environment
-explain: botanical garden - protection

12.Vedecko-technický rozvoj (Development of Science and Technology)
-which technological events changed the man’s life (also your life) most (video camera, microwave, mobile phone, TV set, CD player
-neggative aspects of new technologies
-which technological events changed your life most (car, mobile phone, computer, fax, satellite, CD player ... )
-your neggative experiences with new technologies
-future technologies
-persuade: buying a new but expensive mobile phone

13.Človek a spoločnosť (Man and Society)
-speak about living standard and lifestyle (beggars, rich people, young people, your family)
-advantages of being a baby, a child, a teenager, an adult, an old person
-persuade: drug addiction (medical treatment)

14.Formy komunikácie (Communication and its Forms)
-forms of communication (verbal/nonverbal, body languages, gestures, interview, phones, chat, sms, e-mails ...)
-foreign languages learning importance
-advantages/disadvantages of mobile phones, internet
-necessity of computer using
-persuade: advantage of learninf English
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