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Júlia, Juliana
Nedeľa, 22. mája 2022
Short story
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It was Sunday morning. Me and my father had decided to pick some mushrooms in a near forest. We didn't specially prepare to our tourney. We brought hand basket and went to the forest.

As we were going deeper into the forest, we found some very tasty mushrooms. When we had enough pieces we realized that we don't know how we can get back to our home. We were lost. We didn't have any compass or a map. We didn't bring our dog either. We started finding some landmark, so we can orient by it. As we were searching, we were going deeper and deeper into the forest. After two hours of walking we were exhausted and desperate. We got some rest and continued in our hopeless searching. When we thought that we are completely lost I heard car moving close to us. So, we decided to went in that direction. Our hopeless has changed into the great happiness. We found a road. It was on completely different side of forest, but we were regardless happy.

We hitchhiked and in hour we finally reached our home. I was so happy to see my mom as I never was. It was great feeling to be at home again. Me and my father will definitely bring dog, map and compass on our next tourneys.
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