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People and their Problems
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Nowadays, society is in such a situation, when all around communities there are many serious problems, which influence daily life. On every continent in the world there is happening something earnest which causes changes of society and it influences its natural existence. Mostly, the problems are of military, industrial, economic and humanitarian character. These problems mostly demand much energy to solve them. The majority of these problems refer to particular areas which need support of other people very often.

The biggest world problem of today is poverty in Africa. The most of African inhabitants is very poor. His month receipt is estimate to 1$. In Africa there are many problems. The weightiest problem is AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Disease that renders the body's immune system unable to resist invasion by several microorganisms that cause serious infections. Nearly half of the inhabitants have this illness. The second big problem is water. In Africa there is very little health unexceptionable water. The most of the water is contaminate. A drink of water can kill a man. The next big problem in Africa is a women circumcision. Small girls are circumcising in a small age. Most of them after circumcision died.

The big problem in the world is terrorism. Terrorism is intent on capitalist states particular on the United States. Terrorism is a support concern in political with deterrent and violent device without regard to loss of the human existence a materially damage. It’s very dangerous for unforeseen time and place of terrorists strike and covers people to grouper political fight (hostage, casualties). The big terrorist action was on 11. September 2001, when the terrorists fly with two kidnapping aircraft in two skyscrapers in New York. The skyscrapers were demolition. In them was killed much people.

Drugs are one of the most serious problems facing today's young generation. They are separated into two categories - sort and hard drugs. Sort drugs are alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana (pot, cannabis), hash, glue, sedatives, and mushrooms. Hard drugs are ecstasy, speed (amphetamine), cocaine, opium, and heroin.

You can usually tell if someone is under the influence of drugs. Some of the symptoms can be red eyes, small pupils and slow movements. In addition, people under the influence of drugs often smile and giggle inappropriately, talk incoherently, act tired and hallucinate. The effects of drugs vary from making you tired to giving you lots of energy, from making you friendly to aggressive, but all of the effects are not the result of your natural consciousness. Some of you think it is normal these days to be under the influence. That it is OK., but be aware that smoking tobacco has been proven to cause cancer, and that many drugs can cause depression, health damage, and maybe even result in death.

Look around and you might recognize that some people are under the influence of drugs. It’s good to notice changes, like the sudden break up of a long friendship, a notable difference in clothing, changes in behavior and friends. Maybe that person doesn't know how to stop. Maybe they need your help.

Considering the facts about drugs, we need to ask ourselves, "Why do some teenagers use drugs?" Some might find their present life boring. Others may have too many problems. Or maybe, some teenagers use drugs to gain respect in a gang. At other times, its just curiosity.

I have described only a few of the problems facing the young generation of today. I am sure there are many more and that one day we might solve them. Maybe we should just allow young people to express themselves freely with their hairstyle, clothing and hobbies.

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