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Hrdina Jánošík - sloh


Janošík was a poor boy and he lived in small house in one quiet village – its name was Terchová. One day invaded the men to his house – the rich men and killed Jánošík´s family. He fortunately from there escaped to forest. (38 slov)

Jánošík stayed lived in the forest and became highwayman. Every day gradually obtained informations about the rich men. At last he had all needful informations for reqiutal the rich men. He was in love with Zuzka. She helped him make plan. Later Jánošík in the forest robbed the rich men whereupon they were angry at a man of forest. In a few days more rich men conceived plan how to eliminated him but it wasn´t easy, because he had miraculous belt, which he always wore. The men know that Jánošík went to the village to meet with his girlfriend. In shops of vegetables one old woman threw peas under his feet and he fell. Suddenly, they caught him. In the end Jánošík jumped on the hook and died. (117 slov)

He was and he always stays our hero because he wanted to help poor people.His sentence was: ‘Take the rich people and give the poor people!’ (25 slov)

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