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Chain in salami
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1.4.1. Marketing

The company gives a big emphasis on marketing and promotion its brand to be well- known in the home country as well as abroad.
It promotes itself by:
top class brand
cost leadership
web-site in English with general information, contact and export cooperation
sponsoring and TV promotion (First Division football club FC Twente)
excellent market position
advertisements ( newspapers, television, big boards)
innovations, new products on the market ( halal products)

Brand strategy
Zwanenberg Food Group's business units sell their products under the brand names of Zwan, Zwanenberg, Linera, Kips', Limco, Hooymans, Offerman, Kraak-vers and Huls. Zwanenberg Food Group has achieved a strong market position with these brands and the group's policy is to strengthen its existing market position further. Brands are a key instrument in fulfilling Zwanenberg's objective of differentiating the company through perceived quality. Zwanenberg Food Group's management policy is directed at market segments with high added value.
For ZFG, brands are an important means of highlighting the quality of its products. In 1996, ZFG acquired the famous brands Zwan and Zwanenberg, representing top quality in meat products since 1875. Nowadays, ZFG exports its products to more than 100 countries, with Zwan products on offer in 74 countries worldwide.
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