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Chain in salami
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1.4.4. Food safety

Company has to take care of the effects of its products to human health. It has to keep all regulations for hygiene and follows advices of EFSA (The European Food Safety Authority) on existing and emerging risks. RASSF ( the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) is a useful tool for exchange of information between food and feed central competent authorities what is very appreciative for the company as it exports a lot in the member states. Quick information-exchange allows member states to immediately identify whether they are also affected by a problem, take the appropriate measures and ensure for consumer safety.
(International) memberships:
PVE (Association of Meat Products)

ANUGA; Kõln - Germany
SIAl; Paris - France

1.4.5. Packaging

Company uses the latest packaging methods; the extensive assortment is packaged in aluminum and plastic vacuum, depending on the customer's wishes and the technical specifications and possibilities. In close consultation with the customer, a professional packaging design can be made for the private label, specifically suited to the local market(s). Salami is vacuumed to safe taste, colour and fresh. It can be sliced. Company has a high-quality flexographic printing service, and also a choice of materials tested for any type of salami and sausage meat, for sliced or cuts of cold meats vacuum or ATM packed.

1.4.6. Important developments

Company keeps close tabs on developments in this field, therein assisted by its own laboratory. It uses the latest machineries and processing methods. Great attention is paid to product development and innovation. Significant swings in international consumer habits and market trends make this a primary requirement.

1.5. Participants in the chain

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