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Chain in salami
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This report sets out to describe how salami chain is working in Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands. It was written for students studying food chain management and also for people who are interested in food, quality management, pig industry and how salami processing does look like not just in the Netherlands but even in Poland and Hungary.

The chain is very complex and continuous process. If one of the parts of this system doesn’t work correctly some difficulties can appear and the whole chain is disorganized. It is very important to cooperate and have right information. The report consists of three main parts because of describing three different chains in the three countries (the Netherlands, Poland, and Hungary). The body of report has the same structure for each country. Firstly basic facts and figures about the product are mentioned. The chain is described and information about marketing, logistics, quality assurance and food safety are given per each company. A SWOT analysis is provided together with bottlenecks and success factors. There is description of developments and leaders in these chains, too.
The report gives brief and clear comparison of each chain in every of these countries.

Table of contents
1. Salami chain in the Netherlands5
1.1. General facts and figures connected with pork and salami5
1.2. The chain7
1.3. Sausages and salamis making9
1.3.1. Generally about salami10
1.4. Profile Zwanenberg Food Group10
1.4.1. Marketing12
1.4.2. Logistics15
1.4.3. Quality assurance15
1.4.4. Food safety15
1.4.5. Packaging16
1.4.6. Important developments16
1.5. Participants in the chain17
1.5.1. Farmers 17
1.5.2. Producers (company)17
1.5.3. Consumers17
1.6. Significant leader18
1.7. SWOT analysis 18
1.8. Bottlenecks19
2. Salami chain in Poland20
2.1. General information about salami chain20
2.2. Farmers and pigs production21
2.3. Slaughtering21
2.4. Processing21
2.5. Food safety22
2.6. Quality assurance22
2.7. Marketing23
2.8. Logistics24
2.9. Recent developments25
2.10. Leader in the chain and chain organization/cooperation26
2.11. SWOT analysis26
2.12. Bottleneck27
3. Salami chain in Hungary28
3.1. The way from the farmers to the shops28
3.2. The special processing of Pick Salami30
3.3. The wide palette of food by Pick30
3.4. Marketing32
3.5. Logistic system32
3.6. Mergers and Acquisitions32
3.7. Quality assurance33
3.9. Recent developments35
3.10. The leader of the chain35
3.11. SWOT analysis35
3.12. Bottlenecks36

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