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Communication and its forms
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This topic is about body language and gestures, speaking face to face

C trough ages

  • Early African people communicated over long distances by using drum beats
  • fire and smoke signals have been use since the 12th century
  • quick delivery mail coaches were introduced in Britain in 1784
  • in 1790 a system of sending messages – semaphore was devised
  • nowadays, people can send messages from even the most remote places by using a places by using a portable, you can fit one in a suitcane.

For C people use:

  • language – system of sounds, words, patters
  • system of signs, symbols (traffic signs)
  • music as the universal language
  • a complex body language of gestures, postures and facial expressions (non-verbal C)


  • any action that sends a visual signal to an onlooker
  • primary gesture – hunting with hands
  • secondary gesture – to sneeze
    ( primary – breathing problems, secondary – warming catching a cold)
  • symbolic gesture – use hands and show symbols, insalting gesture
  • different cultures have different symbolic gestures.

When we touch with both fingers on our hand – thumb with forefinger – we show that everything is OK
To show middle finger, it means vulgarly gesture. For example - Go to the hell!


  • belongs to mass media
  • is a never-ending worldwide conversation
  • in 1969 American experts developed ARPAnet, grandfather to the Internet. It was used for military information
  • first connection between computers weren’t successful.
  • Benefits of ARPAnet were – electronic email (we can send messages to other people on net)
  • ARPAnet was shut down in 1990, since that we have had Internet.
  • Email was invented in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson.
  • Internet can be use for shopping, banking, bill paying, communicating with family, friends
  • Software – programs used to operate a computer
  • Hardware – all machines use
  • Website – a location where information is published on the world
  • On-line – connected to the internet
  • Downloading – moving date from the internet on a computer network into a personal computer

Negatives of internet:

  • = a lack of censorship, without any control
  • = internet addiction
  • = misuse of internet for pornography, trafficking in people...

-the person who uses email – user
-when you want to see your email ,you must type your user name and password
-they protect your email – login – it is a word that you can choose, you keep it secret from other people, without it you cannot get to your email password

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