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The countries whose language I am learning
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The countries whose language I am learning

New Zealand

-the first European in NZ was the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 17th century
-later the British explorer James Cook came to this part of the world and discovered the country in 18th century
-the native people called Maoris
-today NZ has a population of around 3,5 ml. people
-NZ consist of two islands:

  • The North Island
  • The South Island

The North Island:

  • there live almost 80% of the population
  • capital is Wellington
  • in the north, between two bays there is Auckland, the largest city in the country – there is a lot of volcanic activity

The South Island:

  • there are many atraciton to visitors, for example: mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers
  • the highest mountain is Mount Cook
  • the most interesting is kiwi – it is a national bird, symbol of country, it doesn’t fly
  • the part of the coast that Abel Tasman first saw became Abel Tasman National Park – it is the smallest national part in NZ
  • the country has a very pleasant, healthy, temperate climate with plenty of sunshine and good rainfall, with warm summers and mild winters.

-NZ has oil, natural gas, coal, iron, sulphur, some gold
-NZ is rich agricultural country, but industry also plays an important role
-The NZ Parliament has only one chamber, the House of Representatives, which consist of 92 members elected for 3 years.


-is a constitutional monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II. Is symbolic head of state.
-A has 3 major political parties:

  • The Labour Party
  • The Liberal Party
  • The National Party

-the Australian Government consists of:

  • Federal Fovernmenr
  • State
  • Territory Governments

Local Governments

-the Federal Governmenr operates on two house system:
·the House of Representatives
·the Senate

-A is a federation of 6 states:

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania

-Sydney is the largest city with the population of around 4 mil. people, it is the oldest city in A
-The most famous building in A is the Opera House in Sydney
-The native people are aborigines – they live mostly in the Northern coastal areas and on small islands; their culture is based on a deep and strong spiritual life and traditions

-A is rich in wild life
-The animals in A are very different from animals in other parts of the world
-Koala bear is a marsupial, animal with a ponch for babies, it lives in the woodlands of eastern A, they eat eucalyptus trees
-Kangaroo – they are primitive animals with very strong legs and a tail that helps them to jump up to 5 m and run at 40 km per hour

-Next animals are dingo, kookaburra, emu, lyrebird
-Australians like barbecue and picnics during all year

Haggies (food)
-in Scotland Burns Night celebrations take place in many places on or near 25th January, which is the anniversary of the birth of the country’s most famous poet, Robert Burns.
-The celebrations usually include reading from the great man’s poems, traditional Scottisch music, drink a lot of whisky...
-Haggies looks like a very fat sausage, with the filling consisting of pieces of sheeps heart, liver and lungs mixed with onion, oast and spices.

English speakers
Mother touque speakers have reached 300 ml., a futher 300 ml. use English as a second language.
In English language is about 1 ml. words.

English speakers use 5 000 words in speech and up to 10 000 in written communication
English is used as an official or seme – official language in over 60 countries
English isn’t the same in all English speaking countries. They are different in pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, grammar


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(he has just gone home)(he just went home)

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