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Have you ever been a witness of any accident?
No, I haven´t. But I have seen a lot of them on the TV.
Well, I was by one accident three months ago. It was awful.

What happend?
A car crashed into the tree because the road was slick.

And were any injured people there?
Yes, three people- one man, one woman and little girl.

What happend to them?
A man drove, so when they crashed, he cut his arms on broken glass.
Luckily his face and head were all right.

And who helped him?
My dad.

What did he do?
He tried to stop bleeding and then he put bandage on the wound.

And what about the woman? What happend to her?
She had an injured leg.

Did you have to move her?
No, we didn´t. We just covered her and fixed a leg.

And what happend to the girl? Who helped her?
She had injured wrist.

Was it very painful?
Yes, it was... She cried much. And it was discoloured too.

Poor girl.
Yes... So I put a blanket around her shoulder.

Was anyone in state of shock?
Luckily no.

And what happend then?
Then ambulance came and everything was O.K.

Have people called you?
Yes, they called one week after the accident to say thanks.

Well this is only one of thousands and thousands accidents happening on the roads. But many accidents are happeningin houseolds too...
Yes, we always have to be very careful because we could cut or fall.

What could you say me about ilnesses?
Well, there are many things to say... so the most famous ilnesses in houseolds are for example: a headache, a cold, a stomachache, high temperature, a shiver or a flu...

What do we hate to do not to be ill?
We should eat enought vitamins or make sports and we mustn´t watch TV or be on net all day.

Well, thank you for your time and for speaking about this... Now we will be more careful or we will be able to help injured people... Thanks...

You´re welcome. Bye....

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