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London by night
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London is well known city and I‘d like to visit it.

I’d travel by plane because it’s very far and if I travelled by bus I would have to change a bus. In London there I would buy tickets for underground because I love this and I wouldn’t have feetache on the first day. I have heard about many places of interest but I’ve never seen them. The first trip would be to Big Ben because I know it‘s very lovely building. It’s a bell which strikes the hours in the clock tower and it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall.

But my the biggest dream is walking through London by night. I would like to see all London when it’s dark and there are many lights. I wouldn’t take taxi or bus or underground because I would like to see all and I would like to feel with this.
Of corse, I would go to Trafalgar square. I have heard there are many fountains and some fountains have lights. It’s pity I couldn’t feed pigeons because they sleep at night. I’d like to see Nelson’s column in Trafalgar square, too. Then I’d visit Buckingham palace. I know people mustn’t go inside but I’d want to see a place, where the queen Elizabeth II. and her family live. I’d take a photo of guards in red uniforms in front of the palace. I would pass by many shops in Oxford street. I would take a photo of Downing street because the Prime minister lives there. I’d go through some of 27 bridges over the river Thames. And maybe I’d go in some of 8 tunnels under the river Thames in London. I woudn’t forget to visit Speaker’s corner. There aren’t any people at night and I’d like to stand on the place, where people speak about strange themes. I’d visit all Hyde park, of corse. If I was very tired I’d sit on one of the benches in the park.

I know London must be very nice during day, too but there are some advantages of visiting London by night. For example: at night there are less people in streets. Some people go to London during day because they frighten. But I’d have a map and I wouldn’t frighten I could get lost. I’d have to visit some places during day because they have opening hours and they close at night. It’s one of the disadvantages of walking through London by night.

It’s only my dreams but one day I’d like to visit London reallly because it’s beautiful city.
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