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Experience of my holidays
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These holidays became the best holidays of my life. In June I was on some perfect trips with my sister or alone. Every trip was very interesting and fascinating but the most fantastic was only one.

I had known about this trip from one advertisement. There was only the page on internet and nothing else. On internet I had found an application form and short information. We would put in repair one old church and a monastery. We would sleep under the tent. Before lunch we would work and after lunch we would be able to play some games. In the evening we would sing at the campfire. I thought it didn’t sound badly but the problem was that I didn’t know anyone who had gone there before me or with me.

Then I filled in the application form but I thought that they wouldn’t want me because I can’t cook very well and I had never slept under the tent before... What was my surprise when they wanted me!!!

The next problem was in the beginning of the trip. We would walk for two days with our big rucksacks with things for two weeks. It was horrible!! I asked my friend: “Is it true that we have to go two days with our big rucksacks?” He told me: “No, it is only half an hour to camp.” Then I decided that I would go.

When I was going, we really walked two days with our rucksacks and I regretted that I went. But when I came to the camp everything was perfect. I found there a lot of new friends and I hope that I will go next year again.
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