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Slovak Ukrainian connects

  • Citizens of Slovakia and the Ukraine have the common history.
  • These nations belong to group of Slavonic nations.
  • Mutual religious and cultural background.
  • The Slovaks and the Ukrainians lived together in the area of ancient Austro-Hungarian state from 11th century.
  • 1918- Foundation of the CZECHOSLOVAKIA.
  • Mutual relationships between the inhabitants of the Western part of Ukraine and Eastern Slovakia have been developed
  • In 19/20 centuries SK and UA became the independent and equal countries.
  • 1993- Independent SLOVAKIA
  • 1990- Independent UKRAINE
  • So far, the Ukrainians have remained the national minority living in the east of Slovakia.
  • Our school was founded as a sign of mutual understanding and cooperation between the Ukraine and Slovakia
  • School founder : Pavol Peter Gojdic
  • Our students can speak both official Slovak and literary Ukrainian language.
  • The areas of new state including the part of the Ukraine called „Zakarpatska“ settled by Ukrainians and
    Slovaks are still being developed.
  • regarding the foreign affairs of SK and UA
  • In addition to Slovak language, students master also Ukrainian.


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