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The Art and my relationship to it
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Art…The sense of this word changes from generation to generation. We use it often, in many different contexts. Music, architecture, paintings, theater, literature, dances, habits, folk customs, behavior of the people, traditions…all of them are considered to be arts.

As a general definition art is a creation of something that is ‘aesthetically pleasing’, something what people like and admire. Unfortunately, not everybody was born with the ability to create art or to perform it. And me too. I can’t play any musical instrument, I can’t write poems or novels, I’m not able to create any sculpture or paint some painting. But I do one kind of the arts- dances. I dance for two years. From one point of view dancing is a type of art. We have to own some talent to be able to show something what would be interesting, meaningful and what would people like. We don’t train three hours three times per week only for our pleasure, but we’d be successful and achieve something…get the credit and applause.

On the other hand, my relationship to watch or see the arts…I like listening to music but I don’t like classical music and operas. In spite of that I love theatre, especially musicals. I have seen only performances in our theatre in Nitra. There are very talented actors and actresses, so they can act whatever stage director want. On their faces you can see happiness, enjoyment and pleasure; they are alive and full of power. It’s very admirable for me…

In conclusion, the arts are very interesting and little mysterious for me. I think, in my future I will know more about other kinds of the arts, because in my opinion people should be component of cultural life.
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