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My thoughts on happiness
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Happiness (for me) is a mixture of positive feelings, which are caused by good, kind and favourable situations in our life. But it’s not opinion of all people.
A lot of rich people in today’s world think that they are happy. Money, cars, very big houses. They measure success by money and they are never satisfied with an amount of money in theirs wallets. They are confident that it will improve the chance of being happy. They loose sense of spiritual values, because when somebody (but not everybody) has a lot of money, his aim is to have more and more.

In my opinion, money isn’t everything and material things aren’t the most important things which make people satisfied. Yes, I know, people aren’t able to live without money, and I have everything what I need for pleasing life, but my happiness is mostly based on little things. Especially I feel happy when I have some reason for smiling. I love smile- on my face, above all on other people’s faces. My motto is: “The day, when we didn’t smile, we consider being lost.” And I’m still trying to make other people smiling.

Other very important cause of being happy is for me my family. We aren’t together very often, but when we are, it’s very enjoyable time for us. It’s very good feeling to hear: “We are really proud of you…”

Other little things which make me happy are for example hug, good marks, receiving a gift “just because”, hearing “thank you, I love you…”

Everyone has his own reasons to be happy, so there is no recipe or instructions for reaching the happiness.
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