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American geography


- federal republic of 50 states - 48 conterminous states
- 2 states situated in Pacific Ocean (Hawaii and Alaska)
- area: over 9 mil. square km
- is situated on northern American continent between Canada in the north and Mexico in the south
- on the west coast there is Pacific Ocean and on the east coast there is Atlantic Ocean


-Highest mountain: Mount McKinley in Alaska (6194 m)
-Lowest point: Death valley in California (89 below sea level)

1.The eastern part – the coastal plains - flat, swampy, long area
                            - poor soil, fertile is only southern part (Florida)

2. The Appalachian Mountains - in the west of the coastal plains
                                           - low, unbroken mountains
                                           - accessible coal and iron - heavy industry
                                           - Piedmont hills - the second biggest agricultural producer

3. middle of USA – vast, interior plains - 2 parts: - Central Plains-  east
                                                                      - Great Plains –west
                         - both very fertile

4. Cordillera - 1/3 of USA area - 2 parts: a) The Rocky Mountains - east, from Alaska to Mexico
                                                                                               - rugged mountains contain many important metals (lead, uranium, gold)
                                                            b) Sierra Nevada, Cascades, Coastal ranges – west, coastal chain of high mountains, among them - broad, fertile valleys
                   - between a) and b), there is a large plateau region, with steep cliffs and canyons, basins and isolated ranges


- several immensely long rivers – most of them are in the eastern part
- longest - Missouri – 3942 km – it´s a tributary of the Mississippi (3760 km)
- other tributary of Mississippi - Ohio, Tennessee
- Rio Grande – forms part of USA - Mexico border
- Colorado, Columbia, and San Joaquim - Sacramento – only they reach the pacific

plain - nížina, rovina
peak - vrchol
swampy - močaristý
fertile - úrodný
accessible - dostupný
valley - údolie
tributary - prítok rieky
basin - kotlina
range - pásmo
broad - široký
vast - obravský
rugged - kamenistý, zvrásnený, rozbitý
sharply - prudko

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