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Presentation of French Republic
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Today, I am going to talk about the famous and impressive country - France. Although, I have visited only one part of France, in my opinion it is beautiful land with amount of things and places to visit.

France is a country which was very powerful and succesful in the past and nowadays it is the same and probably in the future, it will also be the same. So these are reasons why I have chosen this topic. However, I also think it is actual to talk about French republic, because thesedays the elections were there.
Well, first I´d like to talk something about history of France. Two thousands years before Christ Celticts were settling down the area of french state and in 125 before Christ, the Rimans came there. During the 5th and 9th centuries the feudalism was established as a result of ruling dynasties Meroveovci and Karolovci. In the 17th century France became the most developed country and the absolutism was introduced by Ľudovít XIII. One of the most well - known and prestigious monarch Ľudovít XIV was. He was also famous for his statement - "The state - it´s me."

A Big French revolution in 1789 was the significent event in history of France. Her code was "THE FREEDOM, THE EQUALITY AND THE FRATERNITY". After revolution, the famous emperor Napoleon Bonaparte got to the head of state. He contributed to spread of french area.

In the last decades the May revolution in 1968 (which was student´s and labour´s disorders) and changing ruling of the Right and the Left were noted.
The well-know people who have come from France were another area of great interest in France. They were artists like Claude Monet (you can see one of his impresionistic works of art in picture 1. The image called Women with an umbrella. It affects oppressively in my opinion. There is a lonely woman in the hill and she looks quite desperate, maybe because she is alone or due to the weather- it is raining and the horrible wind is blowing...But I like this image, it is something magic in it), August Rodin, Pierre Renoire (one of his images you can see in picture 2. It is the portrait of famous Claude Monet reading newspaper in french street and smoking french cigar. I think he looks so gravely and Renoire introduced Claude´s effigy very well) or Paul Cézanne, famous writers like Alexander Dumas, Emile Zola (my favourite writer) and Victor Hugo. The famous singer of french chansons Edit Piaf (you can look at photo 3, where you see figure of this brilliant, gorgeus and beautiful woman, whose life was very hard, but in spite of this, succesful.)or mathematicien René Déscartes are famous for people. I mustn´t forget to Louis Paster, the biologist, who have invented the vakcine to avoid the ilnesses.

Well, now let´s look at contemporary situation in France. The elected period of president Jacques Chirac is finishing. There were many candidates for a place of new president. Francois Bayrou, Segolene Royalová and Nicolas Sarkozy were the strongest adepts, but to the last part of election, only Sego and Sarko have advanced. So in the 6th of May french people will be deciding who becomes a new french head of state. It is a difficult duel between the Left, which is represented by Segolene, and teh Right, represented by Sarkozy, and the decision of people wil decide about the next future of the french state. When I was a french citizien, I would elect Sego, because she is the leftist, but mainly due to her gender. Because women have very small line in policy and in my opinion, not man, but woman should represent opinions of women. So I´ll take my fingers crossed for Segolene.

To sum up, French republic is one of the most prosperous state in the world in terms of tourism, trade, business, fashion or culture and it is exquisite land with beautiful and interesting places, especially in Paris (e.g. Eifel tour, Arch of triumph, Cathedral Notre - Damme, a church Sacré coeur, a Museum Louvre, modern quarter La defensé, quarter Monmartre, Castle and gardens of Versailles, Museum D´Orsay and son on - some of this places you can see in other pictures).

That´s all, thank you for reading.
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