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Healthy lifestyle with a pet
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Why do I think that life with a pet is healthy? Because pets are for a lot of people best friends, they are with us also in complaint or difficulty. In this hectic, stressful time we need someone who are always near to us.

So pets help our mind and our body too.

One of major advantage is that pets help cure mental deseases. Especially dogs, cats or dolphins are used for cure. They are extraordinarily perceptive. That is why people feel mentally stronger, cheerful and useful.

Secondly, walking in fresh air with a dog is good relax and it´s good for your body too. Fresh air supports digestive system, congest brain and we feel totally better. Motion is the best protection against obesity and problems connected with it. For example diabetes, varicose veins, articular illness, problems with kidneys and more others.

Next advantageous pets are fish. They calm you if you are stressed. So that if someone or something made you angry, take a seat in front of your aquarium and watch fish.

Finally also one disadvantage. If we don´t take care of our pets, they may catch some illness. In dirt can be bacteries, which can also kill.
Especially children, pregnant women and old people must be careful.

To sum it up, animals are wonderful creations which help us if we need it. But only if we take care of it.
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