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•Good morning.
oGood morning. Can I help you?

•No, thank you. I’m only looking.
oOK, my name is Kamil. Just call me when you need assistance.

•Kamil, could you come here?
oYes? What can I do for you?

•I’m looking for trousers and T-shirt.
oWould it be for you?

oWhat size do you need?
•My size is extra large (XL).

oWhat color would you prefer?
•I would prefer black for trousers and white for T-shirt.
oI’m back in a moment and I will bring you them.

oI’m here. This is what we have.
•Hmm, I see it’s of high quality, but it’s quite expensive. Nevertheless I’ll try them.

•Where are changing rooms?
oChanging rooms are next to the window, in front of the door.
•OK, I’ll try them on.

oHow do they fit you?
•They fit just right.

•How much is it together?
oIt’s 70 pounds together.
•Ooh, it’s too expensive. I can give you just 65 pounds.
oI’m sorry, but you can’t bargain in our shop.
•Alright, then I take them.

•Can you prepare it for me?
oOf course, are you paying cash or by credit card?
•I’m paying by credit card.

oThank you very much. Goodbye.

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