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Clothing and fashion
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  • getting dressed according the climate and weather
  • dressing style and cloths cleaning/ dressing on different occasions
  • hand made cloths or confection, in a cloths shop

Clothes have always been important for people. In ancient times mainly because they protected people against cold, frost or rain, then later with the development of society clothes became an important sign of people’s social status. They became more comfortable and were made from finer materials, their cut and design became important too. I previous centuries women’s and men’s clothes were totally different and one could recognize a person’s sex from a distance. Women wore long skirts, long-sleeved dressed, long hair and even veils, so much of their body was concealed.

Men’s clothes did not differ very much from today’s time-men wore trousers, shirts and jacket as they do now. Children’s clothes followed their parents patterns. The revolution in clothing began in the second half of the 19th century with the start of the industrial revolution and the invention of the sewing machine that led to the mass production of clothes. Ready/made clothes were cheap and lower social classes could afford to buy new clothes more often. In the 20th century people’s clothing changed rapidly. The two sexes now have more in common and it may be quite difficult to distinguish a person’s sex from a distance because hair is very often the same length, trousers have became a necessary part of women’s wardrobes and man wear scarves/scarfs/,earrings and other fashion accessories. People have various attitudes to fashion, for some it is important to be dressed in latest fashion, they go to fashion show, follow fashion magazines, go to boutiques and are ready to spend a lot of money to be sure they wear the best brand name/trademark/. Others prefer comfortable clothes in which they feel good and would never pay a lot of money for an item of clothing that would not last more then one season. Whatever our attitude to fashion is, we all need to have different clothes to wear every day, and even something special for special or festive occasion. A woman’s wardrobe usually consists of underwear/knickers, bikini brief, bras, slips, stockings/, pyjamas or night dress, dressing gowns, skirts and blouses, jumpers and cardigans, several pairs of trousers and jeans, jackets, ore on two tailored suits, an anorak, a winter coat, a fur coat and accessories in matching colours, e.g. shoes, boots, handbags, scarfs, gloves, hats and jewelleries, such as earrings, rings, bangles. A woman’s summer wardrobe consists of bright summer dresses of various cuts and design, shorts and T-shirts, miniskirts and swimming suits. For special occasions women wear cocktail dress or long evening dress, high-heeled shoes and gold or silver jewelleries.

Men’s wardrobes are much simpler and more conservative and not changing over the years as much as women. A man’s wardrobe consists of underwear/undershirts, underpants/, several pairs of socks, trousers and pile of shirts, several suits, an anorak, a trench coat, a rain coat and a winter coat. Men also wear accessories in matching colours like shoes, boots, ties, gloves, hats and caps, belts and handkerchiefs. For special occasions men wear dark suits, a white shirt, shoes and a tie or a bow tie and sometimes even a dinner jacket.

If people go to sport events they mostly wear truck suit, trainers, anorak or parkas. At home people prefer casual clothes like old jeans, slacks, loose T/shirts and mules or slippers. Fashion is an art and important business these days. There are many famous fashion designers such as Calvin Clain, Vivien Westwood, Karl Lagerfelt...who create their fashion in the centers of vogue in Paris, London, New York or Milan.

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