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Culture and Art

When we say the word art everyone imagines something different. There are many kinds of art. Someone considers art as buildings but someone else can imagine paintings.

I consider art as something special what is unique. Art can not be something what looks ugly or something what is a copy. Art is an expression of an artist. Painters can express their feeling through painting. If an artist wants to express his sadness we will use darker colors or he will use painful colors for optimistic situations. Other very important component of art is architecture. Architecture is not just buildings around but also walls, aqueducts, and fountains. When we look at some historical building we can say when it was build according to its shapes. The art is still changing what is nowadays modern it doesn’t have to be modern in a future. We can also see an art in the literature. It is very hard to tell what a good book is because everyone likes something different. When we compare two books we can just say which one is more popular. The most popular writers will receive The Nobel Price for their effort. But it is not always like that some popular books haven’t got any price. There popular books are called bestsellers. In my opinion everyone should read books because reading is improving our verbal communication in overall person which is reading can easily explain problems or find the right words for description.

Nowadays the artists are in very hard situation because today’s society is not as friendly to them as they used to be in a past. Artists don’t have as many opportunities as they use to have. People don’t have money for an art. It the past artists were held by their masters on castles. Today artists are just surviving because no one can give them a permanent job.

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