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How can we save energy?
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I think everybody has to save energy. But some people don’t know what energy is. They live in the countries like in Africa, eastern Asia or Antarctica. They use only their work and they also don’t know any electrical goods. But what about people in the rich countries? They can’t live without electricity and energy. The alarm clock or mobile phone wake them up. They have their food in the fridge and they make breakfast in the kitchen robots. Then they go to work or to school by train, by bus or by car. Then they normally use computers, TV, radios, thousands of lamps, etc. But do they even know how difficult is it to make energy?

There are some ideas how to save it. If you are playing computer game or using the Internet, you shouldn’t also listen to the radio. It’s useless. Or if you are watching TV, turn the lights off. When you are reading a book, turn off the central light and turn on the table lamp. It’s easier to furnish energy into the smaller lamp. It’s also cheaper.

There are many ways how to save energy. But it’s important to know that some people don’t know anything about energy and finally it doesn’t cost so much when we use energy less.
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