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Xena, the bravest woman - Fairy tale
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Once upon a time there was a brave woman named Xena. She had brown hair, brown eyes. She was so brave and strong, that she decided to be a knight. She started as swordsman. As years passed, she was better and better, so King of Rune Midgard knighted her. She got Peco peco. It was something like horse.Xena used to kill monsters like Misstres (a big honeybee), Golden thief bug (a big golden bug) and so on. Once, King of Rune Midgard told her to kill Orc Hero.

Orc Hero was a very big and strong monster, which looked like big green human. But Xena was brave and told to King: ‘Although I’m woman, I’m not scared. I’ll go and kill him’. She went to Orc village and started to search redoubtable green monster. She went through dark forests and deep rivers. Suddenly she saw him. He was so tall and big….he had big muscles. Xena started to have abhorrence, but she didn’t give up. She jerked out her weapon called +10 pike with 4 hydra cards and used her skill pierce. Orc Hero started to attack her so she had to drink magic potion, which healed her. Xena was fighting with Orc Hero about 5 hours and then she spent all of her magic potions. She didn’t want to die, so she run away. When she returned to King, strikingly he wasn’t disappointed. He told her, that he upgrades her to Lord Knight, but at first she had to go to Valkyria, goddess of everything.

Xena went to town Yuno to visit Valkyria. She entered to strange building. There was a book on the bookstand. She opened the book and it teleported her into heaven to Valkyria. They were talking a long, long time. Goddess told her: “You can be Lord Knight, but you have to start at zero. You will be at first novice, than swordsman and than you can be Lord Knight. Do you still want this? “

Xena didn’t tell a single word. She was thinking about it a long time. Finally she decided to do it. Suddenly, she found herself in Yuno as a novice. Few years she was a weak novice, than swordsman and after 10 years she became Lord Knight. During those 10 years she had been preparing for 1 fight. Fight with Orc Hero.

“Ok, this is my time,” she told to herself. “Let’s do it!” shouted.  She controlled her equipment: “Poll axe, berserk potion, speed potion, poopoo hat, manteau, and shield – ok, everything I have, I can go.” This brave woman came to Orc village. Again she was going through deep rivers and dark forests. She was searching for Orc Hero for 2 days. She didn’t eat and drink anything. Suddenly, he attacks her from her back. It was dastardliness. Unfortunately she forgot to take her magic potions, so she couldn’t heal her. She died soon.

She died in heroic fight and she became idol for other generations of knights.
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