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A Concert Review

The Black Eyed Peas

On 15th April one of the most famous groups the Black Eyed Peas had their concert in London. There were thousands of fans in Trafalgar Square. Many people from all over the world came to see Will. I. am, Apl, Fergie and Taboo. The concert started at 8 pm, but there were no seats left by 7 pm. BEP played many songs and by 10pm they had played almost all of first album Elephunk. The audience went wild when they sang their first hit Where is the love. They proceeded to play each song from their latest album Monkey Business. They charmed the audience with their singing, dancing and with dresses, too. The artists and the backing group gave a very energetic performance and the audience loved it. People were singing along during the concert and everyone said it was a fantastic experience and a performance not to be forgotten. I hope they will come again soon.

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