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My Dream House
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I think, nearly each girl dreams about her future, about her wedding day and about her house. I was dreaming a lot about my future house, too. I was thinking where it will be situated, what kind of house it will be, how many rooms it will has...

In my dreams my house is situated by the seaside where is no noise, especially no noisy neighbours. It is a very peaceble place. As you come into the house you can see a light and spacious hall. The walls are orange colour and they are decorated with many paintings. The staircase is covered with a dark orange stair carpet. There are many windows but no doors on the ground floor, so it brings extra light to the house. Straight from the hall you come into the kitchen.
My kitchen is huge because it is joined to the dining room. The walls are red. there is a beech floor in the kitchen and a white carpet in the dining room. The kitchen unit is red and it has an inbuilt fridge, oven and dishwasher. There is a big wooden table with six chairs in the dining room.
The living room is next to the kitchen. It is the biggest room all over the house. The walls are white with black lines. the carpet is black. The luxorious white leather sofa is in front of a big TV. There is a lovely fireplace next to the sofa. Among the sofa and TV there is a glass coffee table. There are five glass shelves on the wall to display my framed photos. All over the ceiling are many spot lights. There is also a high white bookcase with all my books.
The last room downstairs is a bathroom with a big bath and with everything a bathroom has to have. The second bathroom is upstairs next to the bedroom, which walls are dark purple and the ceiling is light purple. The carpet is light purple, too. The bed is the focal point of the room and it is purple, of course. Next to the bed are the wardrobes with all my clothes. My bedroom is decorated with paintings and with attractive lamps which can create a romantic atmosphere. There is also a guest-room upstairs. It is a simple room with a bed and armchair. Everything is dressed in yellow in this room.

So this is the house of my dreams. It should be very good if this dream comes true, although I think it is not important where you live because when your house is full of love nothing can be wrong.

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