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Singapore - official name: The republic of Singapore

The small state spread southly from the Malaysian peninsula (united with dike) is compound by one bigger and more smaller islands. His coast border the South-chinesse sea. From Indonesian island Sumatra is separated Melac´s channel. This city state is distant from Equator only 150 km.

Extent: 647,8 km2

The republic of Singapore is cousist of more that 50 islands. The biggest island is with Malaysia united with Road through the Johor channel. Around 5 % of island is still covered by forest – natural rain-forest must retreat to houses, offices and parks. The panorame of Singapore dominated high buildings, because free ground isn´t very much. The highest point is Timah with 176 m.

Climate is very hot and wet here (tropical).

Singaporens have the highest standard of living in Asia. Singapore is rich, mostly his people lead the comfortable life. At shortage own natural sources Singapore prosper his own skill inteligent and industrious people. But 78 % of people in Singapore are Chinesse, 14 % Malaysians and rest are Indians.
English is the official language (more languages: Malaysian, Chinesse
and Tamil language). Singapore is once of the central financial centre in Asia. Singapore is one of the densest occupied place on Earth: population is 3 500 000 (density:5 403 people/km2). Singapore was commercial settlement on marine way between India and China. In year 1819 was founded by sir Stamford Raffles, high officer of British easter-indian company. Quick economical growth today changed this island to one of economy most prosperous states on the world.

The most inportant in line of industry is high-technical electronic, production of robots, producs of ropa, production and repair of boats and metallurgy of tin.
In harbour is trading with cauchouc, wood and tin.

The goverment fast controll the life on country, command press, own television and radiolimit the number of cars, that prohibit overload of street. Is inaccessible throwing away the garbages on street, eating in metro and chewing chewi-gum on public.

Currency: Singapore dollar
Urbanisation: 100 %
Death of baby: 4 %
Analphabets: 8,9 %
Unemployment: 2,5 %

British supremacy was end in year 1959, when Singapore had to be in Malaysian federation (1963-1965).Since then Singapore is independent republic.

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