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Thank you, Lord...
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Thank You Lord!
For all that You have created for us
The blue sky dotted with clouds
Flowers that burst forth in many colors
Birds that sing and children that laugh
Snow in the winter and trees ablaze
With color in the fall

Thank You Lord!
For the beauty of rolling plains
And the majestic mountains with caps of white
For deep canyons and winding rivers
For forests of green
Alive with life You have created

Thank You Lord!
For mothers and fathers to teach us
Right from wrong, for children that have
Brightened our years and grandchildren
To fill our lives with joy
For friends to pray with us in times
Of difficulty and need

Thank You Lord!
For the Bible so that we may
Understand Your ways
For the laws to live by
For Jesus, the Cross, and the power of the blood
That we might know the Salvation of God
Thank You Lord!
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