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My house
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I live in a family house. When you open door, you can see our hall. There are many shoes in the first wardrobe. In the second wardrobe there are jackets and coats. By the first wardrobe there is a small wardrobe with caps and flat caps. Then folow corridor.

In the first floor there is grandmather´s room, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, toiled and bathroom. In the grandmother´s room there is a computer with compact discs. In the living room there is TV, big corp, small table, couch and big clock. There is one big dining table with six chairs. In the kitchen we have ice-box with different food, cooker, seven shelfs with plates and glases and under sink we have cutteries, forks, spons, knives and stirrings. By the sink there is pantry with different food. In the bathroomthere is shower cabinet, washing mashine and washbasin.

Between the first floor and the second floor there are stairs.

In the second floor there is three children rooms (Paťka´s and my, Iveta´s, Tony´s room), aunt´s room, bedroom, bathroom and toiled. Paťka has room with me. In our room we have many toys, books, statuettes and pictures. We have two small corps and I have table with chair. My brother Tony has room with door to balcony. In his room he has bed, armchair, table with chair and many books. On the wall he has very big map of Slovakia and he has globe o on his table. My sister Iveta has room with door to balcony. In the her room she has table with chair, big bed, many toys and books, very big mirror on the wall and big map of Spain. In the aunt´s room there is one big wardrobe with mirror, bed, table with chair and freezer. Bedroom is mum´s and dad´s. There is double bed, dresser and there isn´t any corp. In the bathroom there are two washbasins, bath and some shelfs.

This is my house from inside. From the outside it looks this: My house is yellow colour. It has a red roof and there is a chimney on a roof. By the house there is Barry´s dog–kennel.

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