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The Slovak republic
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- is situated in the center of Europe on the north- western edge of the Carpathian mountains.
- it borders Poland in the north, Hungary in the south, Ukraine in the east and the Czech republic and Austria in the west
- population: about 5 million inhabitants (Slovaks, Hungarians, Czechs

Natural conditions

- southwestern Slovakia is fertile lowland stretching from the Carpathian mountains to the Danube
- there are several national reservations: the High Tatras, the Low Tatras, Malá Fatra, Pieniny and Slovak Paradise
- the longest river is Váh
- the well-known river dams are Orava Water Dam, Liptov Dam...
- the highest peak of the High Tatras is Gerlach
- there are also the Low Tatras, Big and Small Fatras
- limestone mountains and the caves of Slovak Paradise and Slovenský Kras
- the most famous castles are Trenčín castle, Spišský castle
- spa centers have a long tradition in Slovakia, the most renowned spa centers are in Piešťany, Trenčianske Teplice and Bardejov
- big cities: Košice, Banská Bystrica, Nitra....


- at present the Slovak republic ranks among the modern states with parliamentary democracy
- the republic is headed by the president, elected for a period of five years.
- the executive power is in the hand of the President, the Prime Minister and the Government
- the one- chamber National Council has the legislative power in the country

The national flag

- consists of three horizontal stripes: white, blue and red
- the left half bears the state emblem- a double cross with mountains in the background


- important industries are oil and petrol production, the chemical industry and the production of steel, textiles and weapons
- there are two functioning nuclear power plants in Jaslovské Bohunice and in Mochovce

The capital city is Bratislava

- it the largest city, the centre of political, governmental, economic, educational and research institutions- it lies on the banks of the Danube, not far from the Austrian and Hungarian borders
- it is the seat of the President, the seat of National Council and the seat of the Government
- after the declaration of the Czechoslovak republic the city became the capital of Slovakia
- since the 1st. of January it has been the capital of an independent Slovak Republic
- it is also the seat of universities, such as Comenius University, Slovak University of Technology and University of Economy


- the most important sights are:
- Bratislava Castle- it is the dominant of Bratislava over its historical center
- Devin castle- it was a frontier fortress of the Great Moravia standing over the confluence of the Rivers Morava and Danube
- St. Martin's Cathedral- it was the coronation church of Hungarian kings and queens (Maria Theresa Habsburg being among them)
- Academia Istropolitana- was the 1st university in Slovakia founded in 1465 by king Mathias Corvinus, in present , the original building Of Academia Istropolitana is the seat of Academy of Dramatic Arts

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