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How to expand from New Zealand´s market to Slovak market
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However, on the Europe’s market are similar companies with similar products, the BIO Products Australia company can offer even new products. For example, it offers: Non-toxic and anti-allergic paintings, Pest and Fungus Protectors, Wall-Ceiling Gyprock, Floor-Slates, Floor-Corks, various varnishes, oils, and waxes. BIO Products Australia company prefers ingrediences which are nature based. To produce quality products, what means using natural organic and non-toxic materials, want the company minimize the harmful effect of similar products not just to the human’s health but also to the environment. Also to minimize heavy consequences to workers and users while using the product. The BIO Products Australia company uses ingrediences which:
Do not uselessly damage the nature
Are reliable (millions of satisfied customers throughout Australia)
No lead, mercury, formaldehyde, aromates, acrylonitride
The origin of products comes from renewable resources
Do not damage the natural cycle
Plants extracts, what allows the wood to ‘breathe’ is spite of being waterproof (BIO Products Australia, 2006)
The BIO Products Australia company wants to spread its branches all over the Europe. The company should focus on bigger states, e.g. Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria. The competition in these countries may be higher when we compare it to poorer countries, because people in poorer countries prefer lower price to environmentally friendly products. However, the market of poorer countries is not that overcrowded as the market of well-developed countries, also the advertisement would be cheaper. But to build a strong and respected brand name in Europe, it is essential to start making business in well-developed countries.
The price of BIO Products Australia is very important. Firstly, it would be beneficial to lower price of products while introducing them newly to the market. Later, when customers will show satisfaction, price of products increases. However, the price will be higher than by common paintings, but there is needed to realize that quality has its own price.
For promoting products should the BIO Products Australia company hire European’s marketing consultants and advertisement specialists. Each market of each country is specific, that is why it is required. Advertisement specialists are needed to introduce new products to people by adverts. It is very important for the new brand, which wants to command a new market, to make people first remember the new brand and second, to make people to get used to a new brand.

Step four: Alternative solutions
There appear to be three possible alternative solutions and suggestions:
1.To stay just in Australia and not to move away from secure and successful place.
+ no special costs
+ the company can expand more at the known territory
+ the company can concentrate more on the Australia’s customers (better customer care, better quality of products
-loosing potential profit from other branches in Europe
-company name not worldwide known
2.To enter the market of poorer countries
+ higher chance to buy the product when speaking about competition
+ not such overcrowded market of similar products
+ cheaper advertisement
+ lower expenses for salaries to employees
- many people could not afford it
- high price of the product when comparing with similar products
- bad feedback from the abroad (well-developed countries would think that the company is not strong enough or has financial problems)
3. To enter the market of well-developed countries
+ higher range of choice for the customer
+ higher competition – effort to create new and quality products
+ more people could afford to buy even more expensive products
+ people are more aware of their health and environment
-higher competition (amount of similar products)
- ignorance from the side of customers (not interested in the new product)
- higher competition (the customer will lose the overview)
- higher expenses for the salaries of employees
The BIO Products Australia company should precisely evaluate which of these alternative solutions will fit the best.

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