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How to expand from New Zealand´s market to Slovak market
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Step five: Recommended solution
After evaluating of all pro’s and con’s, the best solution seems to be the third one. To enter the market of well-developed countries can be prosperous, because there is higher percentage that people could afford to buy the BIO Product and that means, to have success. In these countries are people giving more emphasis on their health and do not think about money. Also in case of success, the profit will be higher than in less developed countries.
Marketing department:
- it is essential to make a market survey in chosen countries
- it is essential to develop marketing plan in 5 months
- hire consultants from home consulting companies
- make preparations for the entering to the new market
- entrust somebody from the company in Australia to take control over the preparations
Product: » specify all kinds of products that will be sold
» translation of all service instructions of all products
Promotion: » send advertising agencies prospects for which they should make adverts
» work out adverts for TV, radio, newspapers …
Price: » set up the final price of the product (converted to euros)
» when entering the market - possible reductions
Place: » set the place of selling (small town, big city, village)

Step six: Justification and evaluation
Why should BIO Products Australia company succeed?
BIO Products Australia considered very precisely all factors of the process of implementing their products to new markets. First, they can introduce themselves to be an international company with many years of experience on Australia’s market with many references from satisfied customers. Second, BIO Products can begin a big campaign to its potential customers with some reduction at the beginning. Third, people understand, that quality sells.

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