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Culture and Art
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Is a literature which includes novels, short stories, drama and poetry. Performing arts represented by dance, opera, cinema, theatre, ballet or concerts- rock, classical, country..

Art is the creation of something that is aesthetically pleasing. It is architecture and ceramics. What is high and what is popular culture has changed over the last twenty or thirty years. Increasingly, high culture is being consumed by the masses. Many purists are opposed that high culture is being dumbed down.

For example, in TV we watch dramas, chat shows but not documentaries. Not everybody was born with ability to create art or to perform it. Those lucky ones can make a living of art as an actors, directors, musicians, sculptors or writers. The majority of the human population are those who only consume works of art. There is also the third category of those criticise both creators and consumers of art. They scorn {pohrdaju}of the art. If people cared about their highbrow comments on art, art would no longer exist.

In music we can listen to philharmonic or chamber orchestras, but we can listen to pop, rock, jazz to. One man is meat is another man is poison. Keen theatre goers can watch various types of dramatic arts in historical buildings of theatres. Fans of popular culture usually prefer open air concerts. We have a gallery with masterpieces types from portrait to landscapes. Since the Lumiere brothers developed the camera and the projector, film has become the most influential and profitable industry. Art is here for entertain, educate but is important for our life. There are many things that can feed the body, several things that can feed the mind, but only the arts in general and art in particular can feed the imagination.
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