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SPORTS are physical activities that people do for exercise to keep fit or because they enjoy them. While some people do not hesitate (neváhajú) and regularly put on clothes that are needed for sport, go to sport grounds, playing fields or leisure centers (centrá voľného času). Others prefer watching and supporting their teams or favourites. They cheer (povzbudzujú), shout, boo (vypiskujú) or applaud.

We can go skiing, swimming or we can also do aerobic or athletic sports and we play games. Sports are indoor and outdoor. Indoor game is bowling- you are trying knock down many wooden object. Indoor sports are: aerobics, gymnastics. A centre where people can do all kinds of different sports is called a leisure centre or sports centre.

People usually exercise when they want their body to be healthy and relax or get rid of stress. Sometimes amateurs become professionals- they get paid to do a sport. They have to work very hard. Fairplay is controlled by referees or umpires- rozhodca. Some players breaking the rules. They are usually punished for- trestaní.

The popular game for men is football means rugby. The fans usually support their teams but many times hooliganism appears on the football field. It a serious problem because spectators fights. Many decent people avoid (vyhýbajú sa) football matches. The vandalism is often.

Each sportman s dream is to take part in the Olympics- they are every four years in a different country. Olympic games are come from ancient Greece.

Modern lifestyle expects people to be fit and healthy.
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