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The human race and nature

The human population have had dramatic effects on the environment. We have new materials. People are polluting the planet which we live on. Pollution is damage to the air, sea, rivers or land caused by chemicals, waste and harmful gases. We have toxic waste, pesticides and fertilizers.

Pollution takes many forms:

Water - becomes polluted when waste poisons water. People, animals, plants need clean water to live.
Land - becomes polluted when waste materials poison the ground. Some poisons leak into underground water.
Air - becomes polluted when fumes poison the air. People need clean air to live in.

Human beings have basic life sustaining needs. We need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and space to live and move. Our home planet is changing all the time. Earth become more crowded. Water pollution is spreading. Streams, rivers, lakes and oceans are being polluted. Trash, sewage, waste and chemical are in water. We have lot of landfills.

The biggest polluter today is the car. Exhaust fumes are the main cause of bad air quality.

The greenhouse effect is caused by gasses, known as greenhouse gases. They are produced when we burn fossil fuels, especially coal burned in power stations. The ozone lazer is being damaged by chemicals, especially CFCs.

Acid from factory smoke contributes to acid rain which causes damage to trees, rivers and buildings. Many people try to protect the environment and they organize protests.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce -usage of one-time-use-items and reduce solid waste
Reuse - people will reuse materials
Recycle - use materials again

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