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Man and society
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People was not able to live on their own and so started to form a bigger group. These organized groups created their system of laws and behaviour which can be defined as a society. Society has a right to expect people to obey the law. If anybody does not and they are a danger to society, they can be locked up. While some crimes are not so serious, like stealing and shoplifting, others threaten human life – robbery, burglary, murder and kidnapping.

British society is considered to be divided into three main groups – the upper class, the middle class and the lower or working class. This is known as the class system and most people know which class they belong to – speak, their clothes, their interests and the type of food they eat.

Upper-class people own several homes. Studied at Eton, work as judges or company directors, eat caviar, smoke salmon and drink champagne. They spend their free time going to opera or ballet, play polo, and spend their holidays in Orient countries.

For middle class society is typical Semi-detached or detached houses, a grammar-school and university education, jobs like teachers, bank managers or doctor, hobbies like skiing, tennis, golf, health food like bread or avocado, pasta. Holidays in France.

The working class finished comprehensive schools and technical colleges. They work as shop assistants, miners or factory workers. Live in council house; eat fish and chips, Chinese and Indian food. Play football, bingo and snooker. They spend their free time watching soap operas or drinking in pubs.

There are people who are poor but because of their family background, education, political opinions do not consider themselves as working class. Wealth doesn’t mean that you belong to the upper-class society because social class isn’t only about money. The upper class society includes wealth and property but also having a suitable friends and speaking with right kind of accent.

Society takes care of its members. The government helping people in need and unemployment people.
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