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Human beings use their language to communicate thoughts and feelings. We also use systems of signs, symbols, gestures. Music can be the universal language. Like all animals we have a complex body language of gestures, postures and facial expressions. Our bodies constantly talking. We smile, frown or make different gestures. We are able to understand non-verbal performers like mime artist or dancers who speak body language fluently. While the hand-wave is a primary gesture, the sneeze is a secondary or incidental gesture. Its a primary function. A symbolic gesture indicates an abstract quality that has no simple equivalent in the word of objects and movement.

Many of us prefer talking to others face-to-face to talking to them over the phone. There are different kinds of conversations: formal, informal, chattering, gossiping-(klebetenie). Most of us find it embarrassing to remain silent in company, and feel we have to fill silence by saying something. Others like silence and don't use a lot of words. Silence can sometimes communicate ideas more powerfully than speech.

Other possible types of communication are mobile phones or e-mails. They are very popular these days and people can sent message very quickly. E-mail has allowed us to find its benefits again, because it respects the demands (ziadat) of more urgent business. E-mails are usually more informal than letters.

Many psychologists say that men's and women's conversations are different. Men like to talk about themselves whereas (zatial co) women like to talk about each other or other people. When Europeans first encountered the different vocabularies of male and female speech among the Carib Indians, they reported that the different sexes used different language.
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