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Hobbies, free time and lifestyle
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Leisure time can be defined as the time, which people do not have to work and they can do whatever they like. It is time of entertainment and fun. The leisure time is very important. Psychologist claim that it is not good if we do not get enough relaxation and people whose hobby is different from their professions are much happier because they have new activity which is beneficial for them.

There is a wide range of leisure activities and we may choose from. If we work indoor we need some physical activity. Maybe playing a ball game or going camping, hiking or fishing. If our job involves a lot of physical activity, we would probably want to spend our free time at home reading books, watching TV or playing some board games (scrabble).

Some people collecting objects of interests – stamps, postcards, coins, bottles. Some collections are very expensive and for collectors they are small treasure.

Older people who have families may choose useful leisure activities like gardening, decorating house, doing repair. Manual work brings them relaxation.

Young people are keen on sport activities. Boys spend lot of time playing football, basketball, tennis. Girls choose gymnastic, athletics or swimming. Many young people go to fitness centers. A lot of people enjoy arts, drawing, singing, dramatics and music. Its quite common to see young people walking down the street with headsets on.

Statistics show that young generation is becoming lazier then their parents. These fact is not satisfying because we usually choose comfortable ways of spending our free time.
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